Sleeper Alert: Could The Philadelphia Eagles Already Have Their WR1 On The Team With Travis Fulgham?

I was having a conversation with my boy Shock this past weekend and we normally end up talking about football. He’s an Eagles fan and me being a Cowboys fan, we always get into trash talk. This time though as we pondered what our teams would be doing ahead of this years NFL Draft, we came up with the same question… What the heck were the Eagles thinking when it came to Travis Fulgham?

We both came up with the same answer too. We both couldn’t explain it. The Eagles season in 2020 was a complete wash with Carson Wentz, the former $100+ million Eagles franchise QB, having one of the worst years of his NFL career. That poor performance ultimately led to the Eagles organization moving on from both Wentz and much of the coaching staff. One thing that never made sense was why anyone on the team thought it was such a great idea to move Alshon Jeffrey back into the offense once he returned from his injury.

Jeffery’s return to the starting lineup made no sense. On top of dealing with injuries the last couple of years and missing the start of the 2020 season, Jeffery added nothing to help the offense out. Playing in seven of final eight games of the regular season, Jeffery cracked 50 receiving yards just once and added just one touchdown. To make matters even worse, Jeffery totaled just 13 targets down the stretch. That’s about 1.8 targets a game. The icing on the cake? He was inactive for Week 17’s game against the Washington Football Team. What was the freaking point?

In contrast, Travis Fulgham was red hot after sitting behind other players during the first quarter of the season. Fulgham would be placed into the starting lineup in Week 5’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and would be one of the best weapons the Eagles had seen all season. He would also provide a lift to fantasy owners and be one of the top waiver wire adds heading into Week 6. Fulgham went straight off against the Pittsburgh Steelers defense going 10 of 13 for 152 yards and a touchdown. He averaged 11.7 yards a target and a whooping 15.2 yards per reception that game!

In fantasy, Fulgham was the much better prospect than Jeffery after he returned to the lineup. Over the four weeks that Fulgham was in the lineup from Week’s 5-8, Fulgham led the league in receiving with 378 yards. That’s better than Julio Jones (371), A.J. Brown (317), and Davante Adams (310) over that same span. Fulgham would be 3rd in fantasy points (82.8) while averaging 20.7 fantasy points per game over that four game stretch. Fulgham would be the WR 3 over that span as well.

After Week 8 though, it would go downhill as the rest of the way as Fulgham would see just 29 more targets averaging barely 3 targets a game from Week’s 9-17. It was baffling to see. What could have been one of the better Cinderella stories for fantasy waiver grabs quickly turned back into a pumpkin at the strike of 12 midnight. For whatever reason, the Eagles then head coach Doug Pederson thought it was a great idea to return to the dried up well that was Alshon Jeffery. Fulgham’s performance during the season shouldn’t be discounted though.

This could be one of the reasons fantasy owners should pay attention to what the Eagles do during the draft and the remainder of the offseason. Travis Fulgham could be a sleeper agent for fantasy this season. The Eagles already invested draft capital in wide receivers during the 2020 NFL Draft. The Eagles took Jalen Reagor in the first round and drafted two more wide receivers in the 5th and 6th rounds. With Travis Fulgham, the former Detriot Lions 6th round selection from the 2019 NFL Draft, gaining more playing time and experience than the other draft picks could cement his role inside the starting lineup for the Eagles in 2021.

Right now, Fulgham isn’t being drafted but could be a late-round dart throw depending on the outcome of Eagles draft this year and training camp. Some already believe that Fulgham has shown enough to warrant getting more of a chance next season.

The Eagles may still consider bringing in a wide receiver in the first round after trading back to 12 with the Dolphins earlier in April. It remains to be seen what the Eagles will do in the draft after moving outside of the Top 10 after rumors surfaced that the wide receiver they were potentially targeted may be scooped by the Cincinnati Bengals, who will draft ahead of the Eagles at 5th overall prior to the move.

Whatever the case may be, keep your eye on Travis Fulgham. He could pay-off in an offense that is dying for offensive weapons.

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