The Fantasy’s Phinest Podcast – Ep. 39 – Catching Up With The Crew

What’s this? Two episodes in one week? After a much-needed break and some re-organizing (because every now and then we have to reset), the Phinest Crew is looking to drop two brand-spanking-new episodes during the summer as we get closer and closer to the draft season. So be on the lookout for that!

The Phinest Crew has been busy with a lot going on in their personal lives with work, family, and fantasy so in this episode, Will and Marc catch up and talk about a few topics like what’s been going on behind the scenes.

They also discuss what’s been going on in the basketball and football worlds with their respective football teams, The Denver Broncos and the Dallas Cowboys, and talk about what’s been going on in the NBA playoffs pertaining to the Philadelphia 76ers. And of course, you know there’s going to be some fantasy football mixed in!

Don’t forget to follow the show on Twitter and IG @fantasysphinest. Hit that follow button for the hosts too: @hype_phinest (Will), @Ace_eca4 (Jalen), and @mcknux (Marc).And as always, thanks in advance for listening and enjoy the show! (and hit that subscribe button too!)

S4|Ep. 61| Are You IN or OUT? Hot Named Fantasy Player Edition! Fantasy's Phinest | A Fantasy Football Podcast

The Fantasy's Phinest Podcast is back with a brand new episode and this time they brought along a friend! Special guest and FF League Winners fantasy writer LP Cruz stops by to join the Phinest Crew as they open the show to discuss the comments made by a few wide receivers in new homes this season as well as discuss the latest news around the NFL during our "News And Notes" segment. They also talk about some of the names garnering a lot of attention this offseason like Mecole Hardman and Travis Etienne, weighing in on whether or not they're "In or Out" on these particular players this season. Make sure to follow the show on your favorite podcast platform like Google and Apple podcasts by hitting that subscribe button. Also follow the social across your social media like Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook at @FantasysPhinest. Follow the hosts too; Will @hype_phinest and Jalen @Black_Moscato on Twitter. Follow our guest too LP Cruz @SDQFlightCrew on Twitter. Thanks in advance for listening and as always… Enjoy the show!
  1. S4|Ep. 61| Are You IN or OUT? Hot Named Fantasy Player Edition!
  2. S4 | Ep. 60 | 2022 Offseason Recap! Deshaun Watson Update + News and Notes
  3. S3 | Ep. 59 | The Phinest Crew Is Back! Did You Miss Us? (Big News And Notes: Offseason Edition!)
  4. S3 | Ep. 58 | Will's Week 9 FFL Wrap Up, News and Notes + TNF Breakdown: Ravens vs. Dolphins
  5. S3 | Ep. 57 | The Knuckles Reckoning: Broncos Crush The Cowboys, IN or OUT + Week 10 Through The Wire
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