Carson Wentz Returns To Practice, Planning To Be Ready Week 1

Now isn’t this a co-winky-dink! Hopefully, you didn’t panic and sell off your Colts skill positions or dropped Carson Wentz from your early drafts. News broke Monday morning that Carson Wentz returned to practice after just three weeks removed from foot surgery. While I’m not going to jump for joy as he was listed as “limited” in the practice, it does bode well for a potential start to the regular season. Originally, the estimated time for recovery was reportedly anywhere between five to twelve weeks, per head coach Frank Reich. With just a couple of weeks left to the start of the regular season, the hope is that there will be enough time for Wentz to fully recover and be ready for Week 1 when the Colts take on the Seattle Seahawks.

The news of Carson Wentz, as well as Colts lineman Quenton Nelson trending to his eventual return to the starting lineup should be a boost for guys like Jonathan Taylor and Michael Pittman. Wentz’s fantasy value took a staggering hit once the news of his injury settled in. At the time of this article, Wentz isn’t even listed on the FantasyFootballCalculator ADP chart for quarterbacks. I mean, Deshaun Watson is still listed in the 13th round for a comparison. Fantasypros has Carson Wentz just outside the Top25 quarterbacks as the QB 27 being drafted.

The apprehension surrounding Carson Wentz is understandable. Wentz is looking to rebuild his career after a disastrous (and if you’re a Cowboys fan…hilarious) season with the Philadelphia Eagles last year. Wentz was in the company of quarterbacks like Drew Lock and Sam Darnold in terms of passer rating, putting him in the basement of the league at 72.8 second-worst among quarterbacks in 2020. Despite being able to play the whole season, Wentz played just 12 games, throwing for 2,620 yards, 16 touchdowns, and 15 interceptions before giving way to Jalen Hurts over the final four games of the regular season.

Colt’s beat writers have been all over camp with clips of Carson Wentz’s work ethic since returning to the practice field. While Frank Reich may want to ease Wentz back into the fold, the new Colts quarterback is looking to hit the ground running in order to be prepared for the start of the season after missing time. He’s been taking heavy workloads in both 7- on -7 and 11- on -11 drills. He’s not wasting anything given to him.

With Wentz reuniting with former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich, as well as being a better-built team with the Indianapolis Colts, Wentz could be one of the quarterbacks in line to have a bounce-back season in 2021. Do you think that Carson Wentz can be a top quarterback this season?

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