Fantasy Football: The Phinest Starts And Sits Column – Week 2

Before we get into this week let’s take a look at some hits and misses from Week 1, shall we? If you listened last week you may have had a chance (I personally won over 60% of my matchups so I must know a little something right?) Let’s see what I got right.

Starts I Got Correct

QB: Jalen Hurts, PHI – I’m a Falcons fan and also had the unfortunate circumstance of watching Hurts come in for the second half of a national championship game, replacing an ineffective Tua Tagovailoa, to beat my Georgia Bulldogs. And no I don’t want to talk about it. Let’s just say years of misery between my pro and college team made this an easy call.

QB: Trevor Lawrence, JAX – Hey garbage time counts and you probably should get used to it if he’s your QB. After a rough start “Sunshine” actually looked good after a few quarters, Urban Meyer not so much. I see letters in Urban’s future and they say U….S….C….

RB: Darrell Henderson, LAR – This offense will produce points all season. Are we eye witnesses to “The Greatest Show On Turf” 2.0? I sure hope so and if you own Henderson you should hope so too.

WR: Terry McLaurin, WFT – I told you, matchup proof! And after what we just witnessed on TNF, he’s apparently QB proof too. I don’t have him on any teams, not because I didn’t want him but because he kept getting sniped away from me in drafts and now no one will even trade him to me. Smh….

WR: D.K. Metcalf, SEA – Lockett actually had the huge game but you were still satisfied if you played him. *Dis my pinky, dis my thumb, Bankhead Bounce, Donkey Kong* I tried to fight but all my Georgians who appreciated 90’s Hip Hop will like that reference, or at least they should. Always a party starter.

Starts I Whiffed On

QB: Aaron Rodgers, GB – You didn’t see that either! He owes all of us an apology (although I did win with the team I had him on because I’m nice like that). Monday night against the Lions though, you will feel as if he’s doing it for you personally.

RB’S: Mike Davis, ATL/Najee Harris, PIT – Bad offensive lines against good defensive lines and aging QB’s. This was just my bad. Stick with Harris this week, not the “Quad Father” though.

Sits I Got Correct

QB: Lamar Jackson, BAL – I told you, no weapons and lack of stability in the backfield. Won’t get any better vs KC this week.

QB: Ryan Tannehill, TEN– Chemistry and good coaching are real things and you need both to win in football. Brighter days are ahead though.

QB: Justin Herbert, LAC – He wasn’t awful and the scheme was to protect him and keep him upright but there were several better fantasy options at QB this past week (not Aaron Rodgers) so if you found a viable replacement you likely weren’t upset (unless you played Aaron Rodgers).

WR: Odell Beckham Jr., CLE – He ended up being inactive but I wasn’t any less wrong because of it. Heads up, he won’t play again this week.

Sits I Whiffed On

QB: Joe Burrow, CIN – So much for that revamped Vikings defense huh? Get it together Zimmer! Also under estimated the chemistry Burrow would have with his former college teammate Ja’Marr Chase. Having Joe Mixon run the ball effectively also helped him to get comfortable as well. This offense could be scary.

RB’S: Pretty much all of themJosh Jacobs had a tough Ravens run defense and only had 10 carries for 34 yards and was banged up. Fortunately he fell in the end zone twice and it salvaged his day but his injury is a big deal and he won’t be available this week against what was going to be a tough Steelers run defense anyway. The Rams tough front seven did little to nothing to slow David Montgomery who looks like he could be the centerpiece of the offense. Miles Sanders ran well against what was supposed to be a good Falcons run defense and was also actively involved in the passing game. He didn’t get a TD (annoyingly went to Kenneth Gainwell) but he did have over 100 total yards. It’s my Falcons so I don’t know why I anticipated anything different.

WR: Brandin Cooks, HOU – Who cares about historical facts and inconsistent QB play when you’re facing the Jaguars? In case you’re wondering, start everyone against the Jaguars. They just made Tyrod Taylor look like DeShaun Watson. I mean on the field, he doesn’t actually look like Watson, he’s much too short.

On to Week 2. Here’s who I think you should have in your lineups this week and who should be collecting points on your bench.



Matt Ryan, ATL vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – After 2 good early drives in the first quarter the wheels fell off for “Matty Ice” and he ended the day with 164 passing yards. Ouch! I hope this isn’t going to be the case every week but against the defending champs, who will be pressuring with such talents as Vita Vea, Ndamukong Suh, and Jason Pierre-Paul (none of whom the Falcons can block individually) you can probably expect there to be many more Matt Ryan memes on social media with him laying face down narrating his predicament. Last year Tampa Bay boasted the 8th highest pressure rate in the league and that was in large part to their 42.3% blitz rate (third highest in the league last season) and this will be a problem all day for the Julio Jones-less Matt Ryan. Kyle Pitts is an amazing prospect but it would help tremendously if he could also play LG where rookie Jaylen Mayfield was a human turn style last week against Fletcher Cox and company. Please don’t play Matt Ryan if you don’t have to. That’s also the same thing I’ve been trying to tell Arthur Blank in real life (we really passed on Justin Fields man…..)

Other Options to Consider:

Baker Mayfield, CLE vs. Houston Texans – Even in a shootout with the Chiefs, lots of yards and no TD’s. Don’t let Houston’s offense fool you (or Jacksonville’s defense), this will be over early and Hunt and Chubb will grind the clock out. Good day in real life, not so much in fantasy.

Jameis Winston, NO vs. Panthers – Don’t count on the rushing again or the 5 TD’s. Winston threw for less than 150 yards and Green Bay’s offense provided several extra opportunities. This was more of an outlier than the norm, this offense will run through Alvin Kamara. But you’re going to start him anyway thinking he can replicate YOLO Jameis of 2 seasons ago and you’ll lose in a battle top talented RB’s.


Ty’Son Williams, BAL vs. Chiefs – I get it, I get it. You have the new starting RB for the run heavy Baltimore Ravens and you’re already thin at RB. How dare I even insinuate that you sit your newly found RB2? Well here’s how I dare. After his first start and some pass protection miscues, Latavius Murray spent the last few drives on the field. The reason? Despite being there less than a week he was a veteran and provided stability. Also coach Harbaugh has signed Devonta Freeman off the Practice Squad. The Ravens could be rotating in multiple veteran RB’s which could limit William’s touches. Also, last season when the Ravens faced the Chiefs they were run off the field early and forced to play catch up. Ravens ran for 158 yards on the ground but most of that was Lamar Jackson running for his life (83 rush yards). Gus Edwards, Mark Ingram, and J.K. Dobbins all combined for 75 rush yards. Flex if you must, sit if you can.

Other Options to Consider

Kenyan Drake, LVR vs. Steelers – Brought in to be the passing downs back (as his 5 catches for 59 yards last week indicated) he hasn’t fared so well as the lead back. Not to mention that Pittsburgh’s defense is healthy again and back to being the top 5 run stuffing defense they were last season before they got plagued by injuries. Not to mention that Peyton Barber (yes THAT Peyton Barber) could possibly work in the early down and goal line role. Yes, THAT Peyton Barber….

Ronald Jones, TB vs. Falcons – 4 carries for 14 yards and a fumble? That’s what you want to take a risk on? Falcons run defense still not as bad as it may have looked against a revamped Eagles offense and Jones is in a full on 3 man RB committee. If he turns the ball over you’ve likely just killed all your chances for the day and he definitely won’t be involved in the passing game as his hands are allergic to pigskin. Don’t play Ronald Jones Jr. You may have a better shot with Tony Jones Jr. (not joking at all).


Julio Jones, TEN vs. Seahawks – Still on a bad wheel and lacking chemistry with Ryan Tannehill, the cohesion won’t be as quick as most fantasy managers would like. In a game where they were being blown out and trying to catch up, Julio only managed 3 catches on 6 targets for 29 yards. By comparison, the normally target deficient Derrick Henry also had 3 receptions on 4 targets for 19 yards. If Julio is giving you Derrick Henry receiving numbers then you should probably be concerned. The loss of Arthur Smith as a play caller hasn’t been good for Tannehill either early on and if they get behind early (and it’s quite possible as the Seahawks are very capable of exploding against what is still a poor Titans secondary) Tannehill won’t be allowed to set up play action once again which is what allows him to stretch the field with the likes of Julio Jones. Julio may have just joined the AFC version of the Falcons. Yikes…

Other Options to Consider

D.J. Moore/Robbie Anderson, CAR vs. Saints – Moore had 6 for 80 against the Jets, the Saints defense is legit even with the loss of Marshon Lattimore, so anything done last week should be downgraded. Did you see what they just did to Aaron Rodgers? You think Sam Darnold balls out? Then go ahead and play Panthers pass catchers in a tough divisional matchup. Robbie Anderson may be back to feast or famine Jets Robbie with McCaffrey back in the fold (1 catch, 57 yards and a TD). You really want risk that? I’m sure you do but I warned you.


Gerald Everett, SEA vs. Titans – A lot of hype and buzz this offseason about Everett and him hooking up with Russell Wilson. A TD saved his day this past week against the Colts but an overall view shows that he was not heavily involved in the passing game with just 2 targets for 2 receptions and 20 yards. Russell Wilson is one of the elite deep ball passers in the league and throw it deep he shall, just not to his TE’s. Last season, Seahawks TE’s only received 19% of the receptions and targets, 16% of the passing yards, and only 15% of the TD’s and Everett is essentially splitting time with the incumbent Will Dissly. Like your parents likely used to tell you when you brought home your report card, you can probably do better.



Justin Herbert, LAC vs. Cowboys – Don’t ask me why but people just tend to shoot it out with the Dakota Prescott led Dallas Cowboys. Is it because the Dallas offense is so high powered other offenses are forced to keep pace or the defense is just so mediocre that teams can just move on them? It’s the chicken vs egg scenario but either way expect lots of points from both teams. The Cowboys gave up 34 passing TD’s last season, tied for third in the league, and are well on their way to reaching that mark again this season. Herbert threw 31 last season and only one so far but he should have multiple this Sunday afternoon for a super charged Los Angeles offense (did you catch it?). All I know is, as someone who watched Dan Quinn defenses for 5 years, Justin Herbert should be able to score at will. (28-3 bro…)

Other Options to Consider

Matthew Stafford, LAC vs. Colts – 321 passing yards and 3 TD’s last week (even if the Bears defenders had sense enough to touch Van Jefferson down Stafford still ends up with this stat line), Stafford is poised to launch deep balls again against this Colts defense who gave up long pass plays and 4 TD’s to Russell Wilson and company last week. This could be the sequel to one of the greatest offensive units ever and it’ll be led by my favorite UGA QB of all time. GO DAWGS!!!

Aaron Rodgers, GB vs Lions – I’m back to the Rodgers well again folks! Can’t possibly be any worse than he was last week, especially against a Lions team Kyle Shannahan had to pull his starters against. Rodgers will be playing in prime time with a chip on his shoulder after that embarrassing loss to the Saints last week. You think he gets showed up by Goff? Me neither. Last time Rodgers faced the Lions he completed 78.8% of his passes for 290 yards passing and 3 TD’s and the Lions just lost top CB Jeff Okudah for the season. Be a cheese head for just one night.


Joe Mixon, CIN vs. Vikings – In his first game back from injury the Bengals eased him back in…..with 29 carries! He also caught 4 passes. 30 plus touches is almost unheard of in today’s NFL for a RB but with franchise QB Joe Burrow also coming back from injury they had to find a way to get him comfortable. Now facing a Bears team that gave up 87 yards and a TD to a much less talented Darrell Henderson on only 17 touches, Mixon and the explosive Bengals offense should be setting up for a Big Cat fantasy feast. (It’s getting late, just let me have it).

Other Options to Consider

Chris Carson, SEA vs. Titans – Don’t mind the fumbles, Pete Carroll certainly doesn’t, Carson’s been doing it for what feels like a decade now. But when you can churn out 5.6 yards per carry (like he did last week vs a tough Colts run defense) your HC tends to look past frivolous little things like turning the ball over. Carson has also been part of the passing game the past few seasons and should continue to see targets out of the backfield. The Titans just gave up 106 total yards to Chase Edmonds in a comparably explosive offense, Carson is a lock this week, fumbles and all.

Chase Edmonds, AZ vs Vikings – Speaking of Chase Edmonds….Now the primary starter (good riddance Kenyan Drake, ya’ll see where I have him right?), Edmonds is now utilized as more than a change-of-pace back. He averaged 5.25 yards per carry against a bad Titans defense and the Vikings, even with all of their offseason adjustments, still don’t seem very capable of slowing down opposing rushers. He won’t get the volume Mixon got against the Vikings but he won’t need it. Chase the points with Edmonds (ya’ll have to be expecting these by now).


Jaylen Waddle, MIA vs. Bills – Back with his college QB (seems to be a theme around the NFL lately) Waddle received 5 targets last week in his NFL debut. He caught 4 of them for 61 yards and a TD and helped to upset the New England Patriots (who started his other college QB, is this the Twilight Zone?) and solidify his role in the Dolphins offense. Buffalo boasts a strong secondary but you don’t go sixth overall for no reason. Look for the targets to come hot and heavy as Miami looks to keep up with with Josh Allen and the high powered Buffalo offense and Will Fuller V will be out again.

Jarvis Landry, CLE vs. Texans – OBJ out once again, Houston is still Houston, and my second favorite Jarvis (behind yours truly) will once again be a Jack-of-All-Trades. Landry recorded a 100% catch rate against the Chiefs, QB’s tend to throw to you more when you catch all of their passes, they’re just weird like that. He also got 2 carries and a rushing TD and don’t be surprised to see him in a multifaceted role once again against a Texans defense that gave up 332 passing yards and 3 TD’s to an awestruck Trevor Lawrence last week.

T.J. Hockenson, DET vs Packers – He’s basically all they have. Tell me what starting WR you have in your lineup from the Lions, I’ll wait. T.J. recorded 8 receptions for 97 yards and a TD on a team high 11 targets (tied with De’Andre Swift) in what was essentially a blowout. This too will be a blowout with lots of passing volume. Once the game is out of hand the Packers will fall back and go into soft prevent much like the 49ers and then the games will really begin (for your fantasy team anyway).

That’s all I got for this week good people. Hope you have much fantasy success, even if you’re facing Terry McLaurin and Sterling Shepard in one league and you just had a starter ruled out today (Friday). Just remember there’s always hope. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @DevvekkioCarter and follow our website at And just remember one thing this Sunday, I told you not to play him….

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