Week 2: Consistency Rating

When looking at the overall best of the best at their position, not all points are created equal. This is true across the board for all positions. Whoever finished in the top 12 week 1 was not guaranteed to repeat their success the following week. What is important when putting players in your lineup is understanding their range of outcomes week in and week out. If you set an entire lineup that could set the league on fire that sounds like an easy strategy, however often times there are players with this ability whose output can be the exact opposite.

Below is a list of of positions as well their previous weekly finishes and their overall standing on the year. As each week passes, it will become easier to identify who the safer players are vs who the most inconsistent players are.

RankPlayerAverageConsistency Rating
1Kyler Murray34.830.27
2Tom Brady29.40.24
3Patrick Mahomes II29.154.13
4Lamar Jackson26.138.13
5Daniel Jones25.424.04
6Jalen Hurts25.283.48
7Russell Wilson25.191.87
8Jared Goff24.685.24
9Derek Carr24.590.41
10Kirk Cousins23.651.61
11Matthew Stafford21.283.06
12Teddy Bridgewater20.840.38
RankPlayerAverageConsistency Rating
1Derrick Henry26.218.5
2Christian McCaffrey22.70.5
3Aaron Jones20.8517.65
4Nick Chubb18.72.4
5Dalvin Cook16.60.8
6Darrell Henderson Jr.15.450.25
7Joe Mixon15.37.7
8D’Andre Swift15.15.3
9Austin Ekeler14.853.15
10Tony Pollard13.97.6
11David Montgomery13.854.45
12Melvin Gordon III13.65.7
RankPlayerAverageConsistency Rating
1Cooper Kupp26.36
2Tyler Lockett25.91.9
3Deebo Samuel20.257.15
4Adam Thielen19.36.4
5Mike Williams18.40.2
6DeAndre Hopkins18.354.95
7Marquise Brown18.351.95
8Amari Cooper18.1514.25
9Tyreek Hill1813.6
10Brandin Cooks171.3
11Sterling Shepard16.93.9
12CeeDee Lamb16.653.25
RankPlayerAverageConsistency Rating
1Travis Kelce21.51.1
2Rob Gronkowski21.453.55
3T.J. Hockenson19.152.55
4Darren Waller15.256.25
5Noah Fant10.251.05
6Juwan Johnson9.26.4
7Logan Thomas8.751.75
8Dallas Goedert7.84.4
9Kyle Pitts7.452.35
10Dawson Knox7.41.3
11Robert Tonyan7.255.45
12Jack Doyle7.253.65

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