Fantasy Football: The Phinest Starts and Sits Column Ever – Week 4

Is it just me or does everyone suddenly have a rib or hamstring injury? I think I may have suffered a groin injury myself this past Sunday from jumping up and down and yelling at my television (disgusted with my home league team at the moment, I’m ballin everywhere else). This is what we signed up for though, right? We all knew injuries would be part of the game, unlike last year when we didn’t know that COVID would be part of it. It’s still a part of it this year but most are much better prepared this time around. One year of Tuesday night football was enough for ya boy.

Anyway, let’s get to why you’re all here (all 32 of you, I’m assuming there’s one person here for each NFL team). Before we get into Week 4 however, let’s recap how I did last week. Admittedly, this is going to hurt a little.

Week 3 Recap



Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers-I could put him here every week. It’s obvious by now right?


Damien Harris, New England Patriots – If you can’t pass block you won’t get on the field for Bill. Demz da rulez. Don’t play him this week either against the Bucs. That’s an extra one and you’re welcome.


Miami Dolphins Receivers – I was correct here, even with Jaylen Waddle’s 4 yards per reception. Devante Parker and Will Fuller V had zero impact on your fantasy squads. Jacoby Brissett completed THIRTY-TWO PASSES, for just 215 yards. I don’t care what you say, I was right on this one. Fight me….


Logan Thomas (TE), Washington Football Team-Maybe I’m just jealous because this guy has been filling in fantasy TE slots admirably but meanwhile I have the highest drafted TE in NFL history on most of my fantasy teams and he can’t even get a freakin target until the 4th quarter. Can someone please tell me what Arthur Smith is doing? I’m not entirely sure he even knows.


For the quarterback position… NONE!!! I blew every single one of these calls. The main reason being because I went all in on 2 winless teams, the New York Giants and MY Atlanta Falcons (no longer winless, I at least called the game right), and they both played like winless teams. Matt Ryan at least threw for 2 TD’s but refuses to throw a pass longer than 6 yards. Daniel Jones lost 2 receivers early in the game and he and Kenny G. just can’t seem to get on the same page. And we will not speak on former Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback, Justin Fields (that’s right, he’s yours again Ohio). He may not play this week (allegedly because of injury). That injury report should read: Bruised pride/hurt feelings. As far as the running backs…

ALL OF THEM!!! That’s right suckas! I wasn’t a complete waste of bifocal usage last week. You got double digit points out of both Melvin Gordon III and Javonte Williams (it was the Jets after all) and Saquon Barkley had over 20 PPR fantasy points against my birds. And for Call of the Week, Clyde Edwards-Elaire ran for 100 yards and scored 17 PPR fantasy points. Now stop throwing stuff….


Mike Williams (WR), Los Angeles Chargers-He and Herbert continue to do their best Stafford to Megatron impression, except they have help. Years later and Calvin Johnson is retired, the Lions still don’t have any elite WR talent, and Stafford has a new best bud (as you’ll learn shortly it is NOT Robert Woods).


Quarterbacks – I already told you…

Running Backs – Seriously, are you actually reading this or not?


Robert Woods (WR), Los Angeles Rams-Why won’t he just get up earlier and eat breakfast with Stafford too? At least for a couple of days out of the week. Smh

Evan Ingram (TE), New York Giants-First game back from injury (not the last time you’ll see me type this about him) he was clearly rusty and couldn’t take advantage of 2 starting WR’s being out for most of the game. In addition to that he lost a fumble. If you drafted so poorly that you had to play this guy, can you really be mad at me?

Enough of me whining. On to Week 4…

Week 4 Starts And Sits


Kirk Cousins vs. Cleveland Browns – His teammates call him Captain Kirk! No I’m serious, there’s a big C right on the front of his jersey. It could also possibly have to do with the fact that he’s the 4th best QB in fantasy this season (according to ESPN scoring) and that he’s passed for either 2 TD’s or at least 320 yards in every game this season. This week he get’s an overrated Cleveland Browns defense that is ranked 18th against fantasy signal callers this season but it’s actually skewed tremendously because of Justin Fields 3.92 points scored against them. This week if you play him in your lineup feel free to also call him Captain Kirk.

Derek Carr vs. Los Angeles Chargers – The Chargers secondary of Chris Harris Jr., Asante Samuel Jr., and Derwin James (no Jr. for him) may have you nervous as they are ranked 7th against QB’s this season. Don’t let that scare you off though as they faced an unprepared Taylor Heinicke who came in for an injured Ryan Fitzpatrick, a Dallas Cowboys team who simply abused them on the ground with Zeke and Pollard, and Patrick Mahomes who passed for 260 yards and 3 TD’s despite throwing 2 interceptions. By the way, do you know who leads the league in passing yards? Please tell me you said Derek Carr. He’s yet to throw for less than 380 yards and has thrown exactly 2 TD’s in all 3 games, this should be another fun Monday night shootout between 2 exciting offenses.


Jonathan Taylor vs. Miami Dolphins – Yes I know I know. I put him in my bust article before the season started and to be honest, so far I’ve been correct. But this week I’ll acquiesce. And to be honest it has nothing to do with Taylor or the Colts as the offense looks even worse this year than it did last year under Phillip “I really prefer the person I throw it to to gain my yards for me” Rivers. The reason I have Taylor here this week though is the Dolphins run defense is atrocious. They’ve given up no less than 110 rushing yards in every game this season, including allowing 100+ yards to Peyton Barber (yes THAT Peyton Barber). Miami is 31st in RB points so this is a get right game for Taylor but if he can’t do it here then he may need to get gone from your roster.

Cordarelle Patterson vs. Washington Football Team – You ever owned a Swiss Army knife? I feel certain Matt Ryan probably has at some point in his life but if he hasn’t, Patterson is the closest thing he’s had to it. Originally thought to be somewhat of a gimmick when he was listed as the Falcons number 2 RB, some have started to argue that he may actually be the number 1, especially in fantasy. Patterson has recorded at least 7 carries in every game and is increasingly being involved in the passing game. Matt Ryan refuses to throw it deep (or to Kyle Pitts apparently) so this is his outlet. If you picked him up for free off waivers, enjoy the 100% profit.


Robbie Anderson vs. Dallas Cowboys – Just because it’s a bad day for Darnold doesn’t mean it’ll be terrible for Anderson. If he could just remind young Mr. Samuel that they actually played together once upon a time in New York and that 50 yard TD passes was the jam for them (not all too different than what happened Week 1) then maybe we can see some of what the Panthers just used a contract extension for. He only needs one play for a decent fantasy day but there’s also the fact that D.J. Moore may likely be shadowed by Trevon Diggs (Stefon’s lil brother), Dan Arnold just got shipped off to the Jaguars, and this will be the first full game without Christian McCaffrey. These targets have to go somewhere. But if for some reason I’m wrong (very rare) you have my permission to drop him.

Calvin Ridley vs. Washington Football Team – I don’t care if he’s WR26, or that he only has 1 TD so far, or that he’s yet to top 63 receiving yards. None of that matters and do you know why? Because along with having the second worst name in the NFL (ya’ll really just let Houston slide by with the Texans?) the Football Team also has the second worst pass defense to Wide Receivers. In 3 games they’ve given up 62 receptions, 741 receiving yards, and 4 TD’s to the WR position. Washington has given up at least 20 points in every game this season and it’s actually gone up by at least 9 points each game. Ridley is talented enough to take advantage of a weak secondary and be heavily involved in what could potentially be a high scoring affair this Sunday.


Noah Fant vs. Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens are dead last against the TE position and most of that probably has to do with them having faced Darren Waller, Travis Kelce and T.J. Hockenson in successive order (although to be fair they kinda shut Hockenson down). Noah Fant isn’t on the level of any of those guys but he is talented and young and most importantly, available. The Broncos lost Jerry Jeudy to an ankle injury 2 weeks ago and then lost K.J. Hamler to a season ending injury last week. Theodore’s gotta throw it to somebody and while Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick will get their fair share of looks Fant should be able to exploit this positional weakness of Baltimore’s defense to some degree. Look for him to get back on track this week but just don’t watch it if you can help it. The Denver passing attack isn’t for the Fant of heart (you knew I wasn’t going an entire article without at least one).



Sam Darnold vs. Dallas Cowboys -Hello Mr. Ryan Tannehill 2.0 and the latest person to escape the evil clutches of Adam Gase and actually look like they have some talent. Darnold has been impressive with the Panthers this season as his team is currently undefeated and the offense seems to be clicking well under head coach Matt “JA” Rhule. If you look closer though you’ll see that Darnold’s success could also be partially accredited to a weak schedule as the Panthers have faced the Jets, a Saints team that Jameis Winston basically gave the game away for, and the Houston Texans. He’s not had a game where he’s completed 70% of his passes or thrown more than 2 TD’s (actually only did that once) and he’s facing an improved Cowboys defense under, believe it or not, Dan Quinn (guess he’s just better as a DC). The Cowboys 21st ranking against QB’s is a result of facing Tom Brady, Justin Herbert and garbage time Jalen Hurts. Darnold’s simply not that caliber of QB and the offense stalled against the Texans terribly after McCaffrey went out.

Teddy Bridgewater vs. Baltimore Ravens – Allow me to introduce you to the second member of Benefits of a Bad Schedule club, Theodore Edmond Bridgewater Jr. (Did you know he was a Jr.? Lots of them this week). Bridgewater has faced the Giants, Jaguars and Jets who, as of this writing, are a combined 0-10! Yeah, you read that right. Even with such weak opposition, Teddy B. is only QB17 on the season with his worst game actually coming last week against the Jets. He hasn’t reached 22 fantasy points on the season yet and surprisingly lacks rushing upside despite being relatively mobile. The Ravens rank 19th against QB’s but started the season off against Derek Carr and Patrick Mahomes before holding Jared Goff to 217 passing yards and no TD’s. Of the 3 QB’s mentioned, which one do you think Teddy is closest to in talent level? Exactly….

Running Backs

Antonio Gibson vs. Atlanta Falcons -What a crazy world fantasy football has become when someone’s telling you to start Cordarelle Patterson and sit Antonio Gibson. Already dealing with a shin injury, Gibson has yet to reach 20 fantasy points on the season. Currently RB19, you didn’t draft him to be that I’m sure. A 73 yard TD reception bailed him out last week but it was his only catch and on this team those primarily belong to J.D. McKissick. The Falcons run defense hasn’t given up 100 rushing yards since Week 1 and that was also the last time Gibson got close to it (90 rushing yards). The next time Gibson has a great game, the “Football Team” may actually have found a real nickname again (there’s no way Football Team was the best suggestion Dan Snyder got…)

Trey Sermon vs. Seattle Seahawks – I know what you’re thinking. Seattle has the absolute worst run defense in the league and the 49ers are one of the run heaviest teams in the league so this should be an obvious play. Normally yes, but Sermon is, how you say, not good. The rookie from Ohio State wasn’t even active for Week 1 despite not being injured and then made most of us waste our waiver priority or FAAB money on a 6th round draft pick. Last week, given the full role to himself, he averaged 3.1 yards per carry and was taken off the field for fullback Kyle Juszczyk (or JUUUUSSSSS as the Niner fans affectionately refer to him). Mitchell has the potential to play this week and even if he doesn’t I don’t see Coach K putting the ball in his hands (most of you missed that one). Anyway, THIS Trey is NOT Tha Truth.

Wide Receivers

Kenny Golloday vs. New Orleans Saints – Not on the same page as his QB and already caught yelling at him on the sidelines a few games ago, things won’t get any better for Kenny G. Still nursing a hip injury, he just hasn’t looked like the Golloday we’ve grown accustomed to. Some of that could have to do with the fact that he’s no longer catching passes from Matt Stafford and now to add to the struggles he draws a matchup with Saints top CB Marshon Lattimore, the number one ranked CB by Pro Football Focus. Golloday wasn’t able to muster up more than 10 fantasy points against Washington or Atlanta (down their top CB, A.J. Terrell) so this weekend is looking like another sour note for the normally smooth Kenny G.

Henry Ruggs III vs. Los Angeles Chargers – Chicks dig the long ball, or in Ruggs case, the deep ball. This is undoubtedly his calling card and with elite speed like his it should be. As mentioned earlier though, there is some elite talent in that Chargers secondary and while it likely won’t be enough to stop Carr completely it’ll be more than enough to limit Ruggs’ upside. The Chargers have only allowed 5 passes of more than 20 yards (tied for third) and only one pass of more than 40 (tied for second). In Week 1 Ruggs had 46 receiving yards, 37 of which came on a single play. In Week 2 he had 113 yards but 61 came on a long TD pass (his only TD of the season). Last week he had 78 receiving yards and 23 of those came on one play with the other 55 coming on 3 receptions (18.3 yards per catch). If the Chargers slow down his deep passes, he won’t offer much elsewhere as those targets tend to go to Darren Waller and Hunter Renfrow. The chicks certainly won’t dig that, and neither will you.

Tight Ends

Robert Tonyan vs. Pittsburgh Steelers – Tonyan’s targets have decreased every game so far this season (4, 3, 1) and while Rodgers may look for him occasionally the close TD’s have started to find their way into Aaron Jones hands (as most of you are well aware of) and Tonyan seems to be somewhat of an afterthought in the Green Bay passing game. The epitome of TD or bust, Tonyan is only good for you if he scores and with Rodgers locked in on Davante Adams usually or Matt LaFleur scheming it up for Jones near the goal line, there seems like there will be few opportunities for passes and more need of blocking against a Steelers defense that should be getting T.J. Watt back (did you know he was J.J. Watt’s younger brother? who would have guessed?) You see, even in an article about Tonyan I find myself talking about the Watt brothers (of course I knew they were brothers). My point is, Aaron Rodgers will likely be even less interested in Tonyan than me this Sunday.

That’s all I got for you this week good people. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @DevekkioCarter and please subscribe to the website and I hope your leagues have enough IR spots for you to replace all these rib and hamstring injuries for this week. I’ve never been so irritated with the letter Q in my life.

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