Fantasy Football: The Phinest Starts and Sits Column Ever – Week 10

It’s been a rough 2 weeks for ya boy! Real-life has been fine but this fantasy world has been all kinds of crazy. In my main league where we do an Auction/Salary cap draft, I bid high for both Derrick Henry and Christian McCaffrey. I got to use them together all 3 times. Christian McCaffrey came back the week AFTER Derrick Henry got hurt. Don’t worry though because I somehow managed to stack all the Cowboys down to Cedrick Wilson and that crazy Week 9 withstanding, I’m currently riding a 4 game win streak and sit at 5-4. And yes that does mean I was 1-4 to start but that was before I got the Cowboys (it’s a crazy 3 flex league so I get to utilize all of them and it looks like it will work out).

Anyway, enough about me. You’re reading this to get assistance with your teams in all likelihood, or you’re just really bored and need a life. Well, I got you for Week 10 and not a moment too soon. Admittedly I wouldn’t have been much help last week (the Jaguars beat the Bills 9-6 but it felt like 30-10 the way the Bills played and the Cowboys laid an egg against a Von Miller-less Denver Broncos). Expect both of those teams to bounce back big this week against a suddenly rowdy New York Jets and a man with what was possibly the first-ever colonial name (Mike White) and the currently playoff-bound Atlanta Falcons (you read that right, my birds’ seventh seed suckas). Let’s get to it.



Mike White, New York Jets (vs. Bills) -You say he’s looked good, I say he looks better than Zack Wilson! We’re both not wrong. White has been a bit of a revelation for the Jets and head coach Robert Saleh and maybe forcing a potential QB controversy in East Rutherford. White recently stated that he should have been a first overall pick back in the 2018 NFL draft and considering he was picked behind guys like Sam Darnold (who started over him for years), Josh Rosen, and Mason Rudolph he may have a point. It’s all a real feel-good story that will be coming to an end this week as White will square off with the top defense in the league, the Buffalo Bills. The Bills only allow an average of 11.1 fantasy points per game to QB’s (the league average is 17.6) and have held guys like Ben Roethlisberger, Patrick Mahomes, Ryan Tannehill, and Trevor Lawrence all below 20 fantasy points. The irony is Mahomes is the only one not to win so there’s still upset potential (after all the Dolphins just won Thursday Night with Tua coming in as a backup with an injured finger). Nonetheless, don’t count on Mike to be your White knight this Sunday. (It was just sitting there for me….)

Trevor Siemian, New Orleans Saints (at Titans) – Even as a Falcons fan I have to admit that Siemian didn’t really play all that bad against the Falcons. There were several drops that game and even near the end he led them on a drive that allowed them to take the lead with less than a minute left. All that said, with no Alvin Kamara this week and on the road against a surging Tennessee Titans defense it would be better for you to consider other options (yes even in super-flex or 2 QB leagues). While the Titans rank 25th overall in fantasy points allowed to QB’s, in the last 3 weeks they haven’t allowed a passer more than 18 fantasy points or 300 passing yards and that includes games against Patrick Mahomes, Carson Wentz, and Matthew Stafford. They’ve also racked up 10 sacks, 3 fumble recoveries, and 5 interceptions in that span. It’s like Derrick Henry transferred his powers to the other side of the ball.

Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns (at Patriots) – You really want to start a guy with a bum shoulder, on a run-heavy offense that doesn’t have either of his top RB options and just lost potentially his most talented pass catcher and possibly dealing with a locker room divide? If that’s not enough to convince you to sit him then also know that the Patriots are number 2 in fantasy points allowed to QB’s and have allowed 25.72 fantasy points to QB’s over the past 3 games. No that’s not an average, that’s their combined total!!! Avoid Mayfield this week as if you were named after Odell Beckham Sr.


Carson Wentz, Indianapolis Colts (vs Jaguars) – Don’t let Josh Allen’s mediocrity fool you, these Jaguars are still bad and Wentz is skipping the birth of his child to play them because even he couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to light up the boys from Duvall County! The Jaguars have allowed at least 290 yards passing 5 times this season and at least 260 yards passing 6 times. Well, prepare to make it 7 as Wentz will be locked and loaded with an assortment of weapons at his disposal this weekend. Not only is it a great matchup but Wentz himself is averaging 18.2 fantasy points per game this season which has him sitting at QB10 on the season. He may miss his kid’s birth but he’ll more than makeup for it by son-ing the Jaguars defense this Sunday. (I know something’s wrong with me but that’s another conversation for another day).

Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons (at Cowboys) – Matt Ryan again you say? It’s almost like I’m a Falcons fan or something. Well if you’ve been reading my articles then you should know that I am and be used to this by now. And if you haven’t then you shouldn’t care anyway because this is your first time hearing me (reading me? not sure) talk about Matty Ice. Now while he’s let me down before, this time I have full confidence that he will be a major contributor to someone winning their week. The Cowboys should be locked in this week after being embarrassed by the Broncos last week and Matt Ryan will definitely be able to keep up as he’ll be facing the defense of his former HC, Dan Quinn. Yes, the same defense he saw every day in practice for years and just wished he could play against in a real game. The same one that kept the Falcons out of the playoffs that past few seasons and got Quinn fired. If you’re waiting for stats, too bad!!! I have none. This is just pure, unadulterated, homer talk. Ok fine, Matt Ryan has also thrown for 335 yards and 2 touchdowns in 3 of his last 4 games. But that’s irrelevant, it’s all about the revenge narrative against the coach who didn’t have enough sense to run the ball and kick a FG to preserve a Super Bowl victory. What was I talking about again?

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (at WFT) – Some of you may have concerns about him missing multiple weapons. No Gronk, no A.B., and possibly no Godwin. Will the team just go run-heavy and play it safe? How far is the talent drop-off to Tyler Johnson and Scotty Miller (supposed to be back this week)? I hear your concerns and I tell you emphatically not to worry about any of it because one thing Thomas Brady likes to do and likes to do a lot is toss the ole pigskin. Brady hasn’t thrown less than 36 passes in any game this season whether leading or trailing woefully. Different guys have been hurt all season and you know what he does? Just throws it to different guys who aren’t hurt. This week will be no different as he faces the worst passing defense in the NFL, the WTF’s (not a typo, that’s how it should read this season). They give up an average of 298 passing yards and 2.5 passing TD’s per game and that includes 213 yards, 1 TD performance from Teddy Bridgewater. Brady can definitely do 298 and 3 (I’m rounding up, they are that bad).



Devin Singletary, Buffalo Bills (at Jets) – Singletary looks like he’s actually been pretty good on a per-carry basis (4.9 yards per carry) and there’s the potential Zack Moss sits with concussion symptoms. And then there’s the fact that they’re playing the Jets who rank 32nd against fantasy points allowed to RB’s. Seems like the perfect time to use Singletary. If only Sean McDermott felt the same way. After averaging double-digit carries in the first 4 games of the season he’s yet to top 7 in the last 4. And while he has been a bit more involved in the passing game it’s all equated to an average of 8.8 fantasy points per game while being completely healthy and being buoyed some by a week 2 game vs the Dolphins where he broke off a 70 plus yard TD run. Singletary is likely to get you single digits, regardless of matchups.

Antonio Gibson, Washington Football Team (vs Buccaneers) – Sneakily as of late teams have been able to have some success against the Buccaneers in the run game. Myles Gaskin, Miles Sanders, and Khalil Herbert all averaged over 5 yards per carry against Tampa Bay with Herbert even rushing for over 100 yards against them. But that’s just a fun fact I wanted to share and has absolutely nothing to do with Gibson being in your lineups. He’s playing hurt, correction, with an injury and it’s clearly affecting his game. Not to mention that pesky little J.D. McKissick is hogging all the passing work. You’re probably frustrated with that because you’re aware that Gibson is a converted WR who is perfectly capable of catching the ball. You’ll be even more frustrated to know that so is J.D. McKissick and quite honestly he just seems to be better at it. In a game where passes will be flying and rushing may become obsolete, the last thing you need in your lineup is a banged-up RB against a defense that ranks 10th in points allowed to the RB position.

Adrian Peterson, Tennessee Titans (vs Saints) – If you picked him up to be the older, slower, not as big version of Derrick Henry then you got exactly what you were looking for. The TD saved him last week (not sure if you saw but one of the linemen literally had to push him in from behind) and he was honestly able to muster up 21 yards on the ground. He will clearly never be a part of the passing game as Jeremy McNichols has that role locked in and honestly, I think he eventually cedes carries to D’onta Foreman who actually looks more like a Henry replacement from a physical standpoint. The Saints also rank 5th in fantasy points allowed to RB’s and have only allowed 4 rushing TD’s all season, 2 of which came to the same team. Peterson is not the Henry replacement and honestly, no one is. This still feels like a very cruel joke being played on the fantasy community. Get well soon 22…


Dalvin Cook, Minnesota Vikings (at Charger) – Currently RB26 on the season, injuries and tough matchups have hampered Cook’s season. While he certainly hasn’t been the RB1 you drafted him to be he’s had a few games this season that still give you hope. This week is one of those games as the Chargers are dead last in rushing yards allowed, yards per carry, and rushes of 20+ yards. They’re also third in rushing touchdowns allowed. You know who he is, you’ve seen how bad the Chargers run defense is, this one is for all of you fantasy managers who are starting to lose patience. It’s coming soon and hopefully, Mike Zimmer will let Dalvin “Cook.” Come on, that was a perfect setup. I should end the article right there.

James Connor, Arizona Cardinals (vs Panthers) – Pop quiz: Who leads all running backs in TD’s? I’ll give you a hint, his name is in this article. If you guessed Derrick Henry you’re just not that smart. It’s right there! Yep, there you go. James Connor. The dude has been on a tear of late and he finds himself in that large painted rectangle quite often nowadays. And the Panthers aren’t as tough on RB’s as their statistics might show as they got the Jets with Zack Wilson, that awful second game of the Saints with Jameis Winston and then the Texans. Since then, no team has rushed for less than 60 yards against them and 3 teams have run for over 145 plus yards against them including a 210-yard effort by Dallas. Get Connor in your lineups with confidence. Or without confidence. I don’t care either way just do it.

Ezekiel Elliot/Tony Pollard, Dallas Cowboys (vs Falcons) – I’m not sure what happened to my beloved Falcons run defense of last year that was top 5 against RB’s but it has dissipated. Maybe it’s the loss of Raheem Morris and a change from a 4-3 to a 3-4 scheme. Either way, it’s not working against the run as my birds rank 27th in points allowed to the RB position and coming out of their bye have allowed over 100 yards rushing in every game. I don’t have to tell you that Zeke and Pollard are talented tailbacks on a high-powered offense at home that has an over/under of 54 points. There will be a plethora of touchdowns scored and these 2 will probably be a part of one each.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends


Odell Beckham Jr., Los Angeles Rams (at 49ers) – Doesn’t feel right seeing his name next to a successful team. Anyhow, don’t do this. He just got there, he’s barely practiced and he likely won’t suit up anyway. But on the off chance he does and some of you geniuses get the clever idea to start him, just know at best he’ll be out there as a decoy for 10-14 plays. 4.3 fantasy points would be a terrible way to end your week…..

Jarvis Landry, Cleveland Browns (at Patriots) – Do you think his poor play has anything to do with him possibly siding with his bestie OBJ behind the scenes? Have to at least consider it right? Hasn’t had more than 5 catches in a game all season, banged up (along with the rest of the Browns), and on the road against top 10 Patriots defense, this is an easy sit. Maybe he should have requested his release too.

Courtland Sutton, Denver Broncos (vs. Eagles) – This has absolutely nothing to do with the matchup and everything to do with the return of stud teammate Jerry Jeudy. His targets have declined the past 3 weeks since Jeudy’s been back (4, 2) while he had 11, 14, and 5 the 3 weeks previous. Teams will always get the ball to the better players more often. This is a harsh reality check for Sutton and a tough fantasy check for those who had been counting on Sutton as of late. Ooofff…..


Mike Williams, Los Angeles Chargers (vs Vikings) – Ya’ll remember when Mike Williams was a WR1? Yep, me too. Good times. I miss those days. Like how if you’re my age you could probably remember your grandparents getting nostalgic over things like jukeboxes and vinyl records. And every now and then at some random yard sale, they’ll come across some vinyl greatest hits record of some sultry soul singer from the 70’s you never even heard of. And they just get to relive those special moments in time again, even if briefly. Well, this week Mike Williams discovers vinyl in the form of the Minnesota Vikings pass defense that ranks 27th in points allowed to WR’s and 26th in yards per reception. Enjoy it this week guys and gals, even if it’s just a brief moment in time…

Terry McLaurin, Washington Football Team (vs Buccaneers) – I mean, what other WR are they going to throw to? At least 7 targets in every game since Week 2, expect the Football Team (can they still technically be called that?) to be trailing and throwing and expect a lot of those passes to come Scary Terry’s way. The Bucs have given up 220 receptions on the season (25th) and that won’t stop this week. Hope you have him in PPR (who’s still not playing with PPR?) SMH

Dan Arnold (TE), Jacksonville Jaguars (at Colts) – If you’re wondering what happened to Marvin Jones Jr. and Leviska Shenault look no further than “The Post Man,” Dan Arnold. Averaging 7.5 targets in every full game he’s played since he arrived in Jacksonville, it’s clear that both Trevor Lawrence and Urban Meyer have eyes for Mr. Arnold. In a matchup with the Buffalo Bills, fantasy’s number one ranked defense, Arnold put up double-digit fantasy points in a game the Jags weren’t trailing. Now he gets the Colts who allow an average of 16.2 fantasy points per game to the TE position (27th) and looks poised for a big breakout game. He’s also the answer to the question: What happened to Sam Darnold? Worst trade ever. The Darnold to Arnold connection was starting to become a thing.

Well, that’s all I got. I hope Week 10 is better than Week 9 but the Ravens already put bad vibes into the atmosphere. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @devekkiocarter and feel free to subscribe to the website, for more articles and content. Also, you heard it here first, Derrick Henry will be back in time for your fantasy playoffs. This just can’t be the last time we see him this season. *sobs softly into pillow*

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