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We not only want to help you win your league but share our experiences and things that we learned while playing the game we love… because we’re nerds.

The Commissioner Life

Sometimes being a Commissioner of a fantasy league can be a thankless job. Other times, your friends just want to give you a hard ways to go for the heck of it. No matter what the case may be, here we talk about the various situations a League Commissioner can come across and give advice on how to deal.

William here! Anyone that knows me knows that I am a huge Cowboys fan. This section is dedicated to my personal thoughts, takes, and disagreements on the Dallas Cowboys. Everything from the moves they make or don’t make to the beginning of the season and beyond, I want to talk about it.

So from time to time, if you’re a Cowboys fan, stop in on this section and check out my thoughts on one of the greatest, drama filled franchises in the NFL.

Fantasy Football 101

When I first started fantasy football, I had to learn on the fly. As I learned more about the game, I wanted to make sure that anyone new I brought into the game knew what they were doing. This is what this section is for. Everything from understanding formats, to what the best Fantasy football platform is, draft strategies for beginners and more can be found here.

Hey new guy! I got you covered.

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