2021 Bust Candidate: Avoid Daniel Jones At All Costs

I know what some might think when they see this. “Will, you’re just hating because you’re a Cowboys fan and you know the Giants have made moves to help Danny Dimes” and you would be half right. I do know that the Giants have made significant moves to improve their team and get Daniel Jones some help. I’ve said this plenty of times that if you follow me, you know I am a Dallas Cowboys fan. You would also know that I don’t do bias for fantasy football. Why not? Because there’s always some nuggets out there that could be on a division rivals squad that can make your team better. Shoot, I have an article on Travis Fulgham being one of my favorite sleepers up on the site.

The thing about Daniel Jones is that while he has flashed some potential, he struggles with more issues to me that would hinder an attempt at a leap year like some have the belief. It’s fine if you believe that Daniel Jones is now “armed to the teeth” with talent. Cool beans. While I won’t stomp on anyone’s positive takes on Mr. Danny Dimes, I’ll always stand by my views. Daniel Jones isn’t it and the Giants haven’t done nearly enough to put him in a position to succeed.

Let’s break this apart. We all know by now unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand, that Daniel Jones was not great last season. He finished as the QB 24 in fantasy in 2020 and somehow managed to throw just 11 touchdowns despite playing in 14 games. By comparison, Dak Prescott had 13 total touchdowns in five weeks (9 passing, 3 rushing, 1 receiving). C’mon… don’t act like you didn’t see that one coming. On top of the horrible season, he completed just 62.5% (ranked 31st among Quarterbacks) of his passes and didn’t crack 3k in passing yards.

Some believe that the addition of Kenny Golladay will allow Daniel Jones to evolve into the Quarterback everyone thinks he can be. Again, that is possible. We know that any and everything in the NFL isn’t set in stone. We saw Josh Allen take a dramatic leap just last season from an above-average QB to one of the bigger names in fantasy coming into the 2021 season. One difference people seem to ignore… Stefon Diggs is better than Kenny Golladay. It’s not close either. Stefon Diggs led the league in receiving yards in 2020 with 1,535 yards. Golladay played in just five games last season before being lost with another injury.

Some will say that Daniel Jones’s lack of production may stem from his wide receivers’ inability to get open and create separation from defenders. Per Playerprofiler.com, Kenny Golladay averaged 1.09 yards of separation from defenders before the season-ending injury. For context, both Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton averaged 1.83 and 1.43 yards of separation. So you’re telling me that the answer to Daniel Jones’s prayers is getting a receiver that averages fewer yards of separation than the guys he already couldn’t hit on the roster?

I know that getting Saquon Barkley back will be a big help granted that he can stay on the field for the whole season. When healthy, Barkley is one of the best backs in the league and one of the better dual-threat running backs in the game. Maybe second only to Christian McCaffery or Alvin Kamara, you be the judge. In 2019, Barkley was 8th in targets among running backs with 73 targets and averaged 33 receiving yards a game. If anything, having Barkley back on the team would help Daniel Jones out.

The Giants’ offensive line and offensive coordinator are the other issues for me. The Giants offensive line finished 31st in 2020 per ProFootballFocus. While the Giants do get Nate Solder, who opted out last season because of the Coronavirus, the Giants made no effort to grab a young olineman through the 2021 NFL Draft. They did add Kevin Zeitler (former Ravens Right Guard) and Zach Fulton (former Texans Left Guard) in free agency so maybe there will be some improvement.

Jason Garrett and his conservative style of play-calling haven’t done any favors for Daniel Jones so far. The Giants offense as a whole ranked 31st in total offensive yardage. Only the New York Jets were worse. The Giants were ranked 31st in points scored by the offense as well. Again, only the Jets were worse. The Giants averaged just 17.5 points a game in 2020. I had to double-check my math on that one because I thought my calculator was broken. For fantasy, Jones averaged a measly 14.7 fantasy points per game.

This could be Daniel Jones’s last chance to salvage his career and put out a good enough Quarterback performance to stay the starter in NY before the Giants’ front office decides to draft the next franchise guy in the “Big Apple”. Jones is best left off your fantasy rosters until proven otherwise. He’s not draft-worthy nor worth the risk even as a QB 2 on the bench. There are better options to play with that you can target in the later rounds and rookie Quarterbacks that will likely be better prospects with much better opportunities.

Drafting Daniel Jones is more like spinning your wheels in the mud. It’s not going to get you anywhere.

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  1. Isolating problems around one player is always difficult. Tom Brady, as amazing a quarterback he has been, is, and became, was very fortunate to have begun with New England and Bill Belichik. It all clicked: right out the gates. And could have Eli Manning have won two Super Bowls with most other teams? We look at Brett Favre, extremely talented, or Aaron Rogers, yet both have only one one Super Bowl each, as amazing that accomplishment is in an of themselves. In past decades, we have seen some players do well in one place, but not another. There are many, many factors.


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